Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Walk-in Closet

Spring is the best time of the year to organize our closets and clear out any old items. At this point we are about to put away our chunky knits and bring out diaphanous pastels. We all have pieces in our wardrobe that have collected dust for quite some time, but we hang on to them anyway in hopes of wearing them “one day”. One day has come and gone and that sequined halter has not seen the flashing lights of a night club yet. I’m going to show you the 3 steps I’m taking towards a tidy and efficient closet.

1. At a Glance: Scan through your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for anything that falls under these categories: A) Has not been worn in over 12 months, B) Will not be worn in the next 12 months or C) Is no longer in style. Sometimes It’s hard to part with some things for sentimental reasons but those jeans from high school need to go.

2. The Challenge: For the next month, you have to wear as many outfits as possible. Since we are in that in-between season, you can switch from boots to ballerinas, or light knits and midi skirts. You should get rid of anything that A) You are unable to style, B) Has a damage you don’t plan on fixing or C) No longer fits well. Take your time with this one because it will take a while to experiment with all your options, and you may be restricted by climate changes and special occasions.

3. Revisit: It’s good to go back after a couple of months or right before summer and look through your stuff with fresh eyes. After you’ve tried on different outfits, you’re more aware of your current style and preferred color palettes, which will help you confidently spot anything you won’t ever wear again.

You can now donate anything that is in good condition to those who need it, or use old cotton tees for dusting.

I hope this works for you, happy cleaning!

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