Momma Knows Best


During my first year of marriage I came across some house keeping incidents, and in return learned a few tricks from my mom about handling them in the future. Whether you burned your finger while cooking or got coffee stains on your carpet, you can easily repair the damage using ingredients from your own kitchen.

  1. You’re at dinner and enjoying a delicious plate of hummus when you spill some oil on your shirt, well don’t sweat it. Before washing your clothes, clean the stain with olive oil soap and cold water.
  2. Did you know that turmeric powder has the ability to heal cuts? Rinse the wound and apply the turmeric powder , then place a band aid over it. The cut will close up and leave no scars.
  3. The safest way to clean your fruits and vegetables is with white vinegar. It’s extremely antibacterial and you don’t have to worry about soap residue left behind.
  4. Speaking of white vinegar, give your new clothes a rinse in a mix of vinegar and water and you won’t have to worry about the color fading again.
  5. If your pots get burned or have a slight discoloration, put some lemon salt and laundry detergent and fill it with water. Boil the water on the stove top then rinse with cold water and voila, it’ll be shiny like the day you bought it!
  6. Let’s say you burn your finger while frying chicken – it could happen to any of us – dip it in some flour for a few minutes and it’ll soothe it immediately.
  7. To clean the inside of the microwave and remove any grease, place a plate of lemon juice, water and white vinegar(yes I do sense a recurring theme here) for 3 minutes and watch all the stains melt away.
  8. In the case of any limescale build-up in your water boiler, just boil some lemon salt (or vinegar) and water.
  9. My worst nightmare is coffee stains on a white carpet. If this were to happen, just place a few ice cubes on the stain and it will wash away.
  10. If you’re an arab, or you enjoy great food, you must use a lot of garlic in your cooking. You can brush your teeth 10 times but it won’t get rid of that garlic breath. Just eat a few branches of parsley and it’ll kill that smell from the core.

May your homes be free of stains, cuts and burns!

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