Paris is Always a Good Idea

Bonjour from Paris

“Paris is always a good idea. ~ Audrey Hepburn”

We got off our red eye flight and headed straight to our hotel room to freshen up and hit the streets of Paris. It’s amazing how a night of virtually no sleep has no sway when you’re this excited. A few droplets of rain splashed into our eyes by the time we reached Arc de Triomphe, but we were too dazzled with the sights around us to even care. Like something out of a brochure, it felt like I was transported to a different era. The building exteriors were romantic and rustic, embellished with the infamous French windows. There’s no arguing the flawless style of European women, hair effortlessly cascading down their shoulders and outfits beautifully mismatched creating a quintessential look.

The rest of the trip involved many long walks in the rain on throbbing feet while searching for our destinations à la Dora the Explorer. After the rain came clear blue skies, cotton ball clouds and a hand-drawn rainbow. I saw roses the size of my hand and peonies of all colors. With so much to see and not quite enough time, I’m certainly glad we didn’t compromise on tackling the whole list. We placed our love locks aboard the Pont des Arts, which was even more romantic in person, then set off towards the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris where hymns were being recited outside the glorious structure. Following our Parisian dinner we spotted the Eiffel Tour twinkling in the night.

Le Château de Versailles was our last stop, and while the palace is marvelous I was enraptured by the gardens most. I dragged my swollen feet as far as they can take me and snapped incessantly with my camera. If you asked me what I won’t forget I’d say the delicious hot pastries, creamy cups of coffee and the intoxicating smell of flowers everywhere. Most of all, I’ll miss the feeling of seeing all the magic for the very first time. In the words of the beautiful Ms. Audrey Hepburn, Paris is always a good idea.

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