World Cup 2014 Contract – A wife’s comeback

  1. Since you’ve taken over the TV during the World Cup, I’m expecting my 55 inch LED to be hanging up in my room ASAP.


  1. My chick flick marathon is an all-day event, don’t call out my name.


  1. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it when I walk past the TV.


  1. You’re watching that same game? AGAIN?


  1. Do not complain to me when your team loses, and don’t bother coming up with excuses for them either.


  1. If and when your mom invites us over for dinner, I will inform her that you need to ‘pencil her in’.


  1. If your screams get too loud, I will have to conceal them with performances from Frozen.


  1. Do not explain to me what the offside rule is again. I. Don’t. Care.


  1. I would be more than happy to grab you whatever you need, and I hope you’ll enjoy doing the dishes and folding the laundry when your game is done.




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