Guapas in Madrid

Home to the friendliest people and sweetest sangrias, Madrid embraced us with fresh and cheery weather.  Paris left us maxed out on sightseeing and ready for some leisure, which is exactly what we got.  After tucking away the chunky sweaters and pulling out our spring style, we indulged in an afternoon Gelato pick-me-up at the vivacious Plaza Puerta del Sol, followed by a stroll through Preciados where we did some much needed shopping at El Corte Inglés and Sfera.

In search of the Mercado St. Miguel, we found ourselves at the breathtaking Plaza de Oriente. I was completely smitten with the blend of historical architecture with modern shops and restaurants, manifesting that the heritage is preserved while the people and places evolve.  Residing in a beautiful glass house, the Mercado was the first I’ve seen of its kind. Unlike the outdoor markets I’m used to, it had a cozy seating area and multiple food stations offering everything from Paella to sweets and fresh produce. We ended the night with tapas and bubble tea on La Calle del Arenal, where random strangers called out to us ‘Guapas’ – pretty ladies.

On our last day we visited the lush Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid. It was at the beginning stages of blooming and was glistening in the sunlight. Finally, our hotel concierge insisted that Macaroons originated in Madrid and directed us towards Pastelería Mallorca, a coffee shop laden with desserts of all kind. Let’s just say, I ate way too many macaroons that day and they were spectacular. To sum up my time in Madrid, it was late night gossip sessions with my girls, azure blue skies and a charming little city that felt like home.

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