Barcelona: Wanderlust Ensues

They say when it rains, it pours and that’s exactly what happened in Barcelona. We spent a good chunk of time curled up on the couch of our hotel apartment watching Grey’s Anatomy while waiting for the thunder to subside. Don’t worry though, it eventually cleared and we even wore skirts and dresses (which was not the best idea, by the way).

Our first night was pretty quiet due to the storm, but we got to enjoy delicious burgers and the best Spanish olives imaginable. The next day we headed to a nearby bakery for a light breakfast, then trekked towards La Sagrada Família. The mere sight of Sagrada Família and its beautiful details was very poignant, with biblical stories portrayed all over it. We also visited the classroom where Gaudí taught which was beautifully preserved.

Next we headed to Park Güell, which is truly like a fairy-tale and looks like it’s made of gingerbread and candy. Although it was difficult to leave our new found wonderland, we weren’t done sight-seeing. With our Starbucks in hand, the shopping at La Rambla commenced.

After we were done with our retail therapy, we continued down La Rambla, stopped by the Boqueria market and ate some Gelato until we reached the Monument a Colom. We ended the night with sushi at Parco, in hopes Shakira stops by there for dinner (I’m only half joking). Our Euro trip ended here but my wanderlust has only intensified.

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