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Whenever I visit LUSH, the beautiful aroma guides my way from afar. The first time I discovered LUSH was 8 years ago when it first opened a little section at Macy’s in Michigan. Everything from the soap bars to the bath melts were the most beautiful I had ever seen, and their exquisite scents made it hard to resist taking a bunch home. I had always known the company is against animal testing and the products are made primarily with natural ingredients, but during my latest visit to the Dubai Mall branch I got the chance to learn about all the love and effort that is put into each and every item.

Natural Masks

LUSH has a long history with opposing animal testing and have forgone it from the get-go, also refusing to deal with vendors that use this method.  The company is adamant on the matter and actively campaign against it. LUSH cosmetics are also active in charities and have started their own “Slush Fund” through which they provide financial and developmental support to underprivileged communities. Often these projects lead to beautiful collaborations, such as the Peace Massage Bar which is made with fair trade organic cocoa butter produced by the farmers of the Peace community in Columbia.

I’m no stranger to Lush products and have a few that I simply can’t live without, but this was my first time to notice their beautiful knot-wrap scarves. Some are recycled from plastic while others are vintage finds. I was so kindly given a limited edition scarf designed by Vivienne Westwood which is made of 100% organic cotton for the purpose of raising awareness for the Climate Revolution movement.

Climate Revolution









I was also intrigued to find out that the compounders are working on creating more shampoos and soaps that are self-preservative and made with all natural ingredients. I found the stickers on the back of their pots and bottles a great symbol of appreciation for the compounder’s hard work and creativity. As the brand communications manager introduced me to the origins of the different products, I noticed his dedication, passion and deep-rooted understanding. It was very inspiring to see this sense of family and philanthropy molded into the values of a company.

Compounder Sticker


6 thoughts on “The Story of Lush”

  1. Great article Rania! I’ll definitely visit their store next time I’m in manhattan. Is there any particular product you would recommend? Thanks 🙂

  2. Its great to know there is a company that makes largely organic products that also smell great 🙂
    Will definitely give it a try! Whats their price range?

    1. The soaps are sold by weight so the prices vary, but I just posed my favorite products from Lush with links to detailed product descriptions and prices. 🙂

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