July Favorites

July Favorites

July was a warm and eventful month, so naturally I kept some essentials in my makeup bag to give me a fun and colorful summer look.

1. Lush Makeup, $24 each. If you read my post from my visit at Lush Cosmetics, you’ll recognize my photo with the emotional color wheel. I was told to envision a white room and choose the 3 colors I would like to paint it. Each color is supposed to symbolize an aspect of my personality. The purple(drive) and coral(believe) are lipsticks that are applied like a gloss and dry to a beautiful velvet finish, both have been beautiful shades for the summer. The blue(calm) is a liquid eyeliner and isn’t the usual color I would choose but is perfect for adding a pop of color underneath the waterline.

2. Sephora Classic Multi-tasker Brush, $25. I personally love Sephora’s brushes and this one in particular is perfect for applying powder evenly. The bristles are very soft and are gentle on the skin and the handle is easy to control.

3. Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail cream, $10. Obviously the summer heat requires drinking lots of water and using a super hydrating cream. This cream doesn’t only moisturize the hands but also strengthens the nails and keeps the cuticles under control. The smell is fantastic as well, which you know I love!

4. Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow, $30. The cute packaging made it very tempting to purchase this blush but the products itself gives a beautiful and natural glow which lasts all day. I also like to mix it in with my eyeshadow for an overall even pinkish/peachy look. This will be a favorite of mine for a while.

If you do try these products, I hope you like them too! Xx

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