They’re Real

They're real
I got a sample of this mascara a while back and when I first used it I really didn’t like it. I’ve noticed that the first few times I use any mascara it doesn’t have a very strong effect and the application is light, so I try not to judge it right away. I started using this mascara again these past couple weeks and I like it a lot better. It’s not my favorite, but it does give great lift and length and the long bristles at the front of the brush separate the lashes beautifully . My lashes aren’t very thick so I’ve found that the best way is to mix different mascaras, one that lifts and separates neatly and one that is clumpier and adds volume. If you like neatly separated lashes then you’ll definitely love They’re Real, but if you prefer heavy fluttery lashes(like me) then you won’t get that effect with this mascara. Have you tried this mascara yet, and if so what did you think of it? Xo

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