Mac Snob Dupe

Photo Jan 21, 3 12 51 PM

Have you ever chosen a beautiful shade of lipstick and gone home so excited to wear it non-stop for the next few days, only to find out you have about 10 of the same ones already? Well that’s what just happened to me – ok, maybe not 10 other lipsticks but 1 that is pretty identical. While I was at the airport heading back from Michigan and drying my tears, I thought I’d cheer myself up with a MAC lipstick. I chose Snob and was so in love with it I kept applying it during my trip. When I got home I realized that Revlon’s Pink Pout is almost exactly the same. Snob has more bluish undertones and is better lasting, but Pink Pout is a little bit more creamy and applies really nicely. Next time you want to pick up Snob from the MAC counter I suggest trying Pink Pout first and seeing if it’s a suitable alternative for you! Xo

Photo Jan 21, 3 14 50 PMTop: MAC Snob | Bottom: Revlon Pink Pout

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