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The founder of De La Mer Spa Dubai, Sara Pirzad, got in touch with me about trying a couple of treatments and sharing my experience. Since I just started the My Dubai series on my blog, this was the perfect timing for this post. De La Mer Spa Dubai is a family owned business and the spa treatments are primarily all-natural based, and by that I mean ingredients from your kitchen which is a major plus for my sensitive skin.

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The Spa itself is beautiful on the inside and smells like fresh lemongrass in every room. There’s a relaxation room with a lounge, jacuzzi, sauna and lockers for your convenience. I wanted some gentle exfoliation so they recommended the Coconut Glow Scrub for my body and the Rose Petal Facial for my acne-prone skin. Sanny was my therapist and she was great, and even answered my endless questions for this article. They have numerous options for body scrubs and each batch is made for a one-time use for each client. The Coconut Scrub smelled so sweet and was followed with the Elemis Strawberry Lotion, both of which left my skin smooth and supple for the rest of the week. The Rose Petal facial was extremely gentle but actually cleaned out my pores. My face was glowing afterwards and my pores were no where to be seen.

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De La Mer Spa DubaiAlongside their spa treatments, De La Mer Spa Dubai also offers hair and nail services. It’s a great one-stop-shop especially for brides and any lady looking to get pampered before an event. There are so many spas in Dubai but for girls like me with exceptionally sensitive skin, you can completely trust them to take good care of you here.

xo Rania

De La Mer Spa Dubai

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