Winter Pastels

Winter Pastels

I absolutely love my winter pastels and was waiting impatiently to pull out my favorite blush coat. I wasn’t always into wearing soft shades in the winter and for a while was actually infamous for always wearing black! Dark shades are flattering, slimming and abundant during the winter, but after so many charcoal grey, deep burgundy and chocolate brown outfits I started to hate winter fashion altogether. Thankfully we’ve been graced with coats and sweaters in the most beautiful tones, and no one can judge you for wearing all the winter white your heart (and mine) desires.

Blush Coat

Lace Mini Skirt

There’s a beauty in the simplicity of winter pastels, and that’s the ease of pairing them with almost anything. They add femininity, elegance and a soft burst of color when the sky is fifty shades of grey (no pun intended). I love wearing pink over stripes for some parisian chic vibes, and the touch of lace on the skirt was my favorite detail from this outfit. If the temps are too low, you can always wear a pair of sheer tights so you can stay warm and still wear your favorite mini. You can also pair pastels with jeans for a more casual look and keep that girly touch intact. What’s your favorite shade of winter pastels and how do you plan on styling it this year?

xo Rania

Mini Skirt

Blush Coat

Winter Pastels

Coat: Old, Love this from Calvin Klein | Sweater: Koton| Skirt: Topshop| Heels: Aldo (c/o)

Photography by Enchante Portrait Couture.

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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