The Journey to Happiness and Positivity

Most people do this thing at the beginning of each year where they decide to start over, like clicking on a reset button. I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions, but I’m all for a little reflecting at any given time. 2016 was quite tough for me and carried some difficulties along with wonderful, memorable moments. At the other side of it all, I came out of it with a lot more strength and positivity than I’ve ever had before. I’ve learned to live bolder, shine brighter, to say yes to new things, to give and accept grace, and to express myself more freely. Most importantly, I’ve realized how important it is to live your life for yourself, and not to worry about pleasing others. The Journey to happiness can be long and hard, but it requires a conscious decision to enjoy every moment, recover from the hardships and search for the excitement. There will be always be ups and downs, of course, but you have to ride it out and focus on the good in each day. The best piece of wisdom I heard at the beginning of the year came from my brother, and he said: Don’t let a number define you, because you get a fresh start whenever you want.

Happy New Year my loves, I hope this one will be great.

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The Journey to happiness.

Photography by Natelee.

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