Curly Hair Method

Curly Hair MethodLast week, I gave my curly hair another chance and I promised you all that I’d share my new techniques. The curly hair method requires a few steps and some super moisturizing products. There’s a book called Curly Girl which gives an in-depth explanation of achieving beautiful natural curly hair. It does require you to eliminate shampoo from your routine, so I just adopted a few tips without following it to a T.

When it comes to products, it’s all about the added hydration. I’ve been using the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo for a few months and not only is it sulfate-free, but it’s really helped tame my frizz. My favorite conditioner is the Dry Bar Sake Bomb Conditioner; a little bit goes a long way with this stuff and it leaves the hair smooth and silky. Part of the curly hair method recommends you don’t rinse out the conditioner entirely, kind of like a leave-in conditioner.

I combed my hair while rinsing it in the shower and skipped brushing it afterwards. I gently dried my hair with a towel, then applied some Biosilk Silk Therapy serum to the ends. Next, I rubbed some Organic Argan Oil between my palms and worked it gently into my hair. I finally tipped my head over and I scrunched my hair upwards using some Pantene Oil Replacement. With whatever product left in my hands I patted down the top of my hair and scrunched it again. I let my hair completely air dry and was left with some neat twisted curls, a few messy ones and a little frizz at the top. I brushed down the fly aways near my roots, and tidied the messy curls with a curling iron. When I slept on it, I woke up with soft loose curls.

Let me know if you try any of products or techniques of this curly hair method, I’d love to hear how yours turns out! Xo

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