Step into Fall Effortlessly

At the start of a new season it can seem a little overwhelming to switch into a new wardrobe. Between pulling out the cute things we already have and deciding what we need to keep up with this year’s trends, it makes me want to throw everything out and start fresh. I will not be doing that and neither should you, here are my tips to help you step into fall smoothly.

  • It’s best to always start with the basics: a great pair of jeans, the right shade of lipstick and of course a killer pair of boots.
  • A stylish cape or blazer is a great investment piece because it can be styled many different ways. A beautiful cashmere waterfall cardigan is another versatile piece that will definitely stand the test of time.
  •  Accessorize with a trendy bag and plush scarf in neutral shades, and add some dainty jewelry for that final touch.

Keep it simple, focus on the necessities and you will certainly be ready to step into fall. I hope you liked my picks, I’d love to hear your wardrobe tips and tricks!

xo Rania

Snaps from Chicago

Navy PierI haven’t visited the windy city in years, so during my recent trip to Michigan I decided to go with my family and explore Chicago like genuine tourists. The architecture in this city is magnificent (see what I did there?) and the Navy Pier was truly dreamy. It was an amazing couple of days I got to enjoy with my parents and brother, and I really tried to stay in the moment rather than take thousands of pictures the whole time. I hope you like seeing the city through my eyes and feel inspired to visit it one day. P.S. any other Divergent fans recognize the ferris wheel? Just me? Xo

Ferris Wheel

Navy Pier The Bean

Magnificent Mile


Skydeck Chicago