Scrub and Polish ~ Part 2

Now that you are done with the exfoliating part, you will need to replenish with moisture. Keeping your skin hydrated allows it to heal any scars or cuts quickly and reduces bumps and ingrown hairs. There are two main things to look for in a cream/oil: A) Absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave it sticky, and B) Keeps the moisture locked in for at least 24 hours. I have tried quite a few products and these worked the best for me.

Scrub and polish part 2


  1. Vineyard Peach Body Butter, $20. While body butters are usually pretty heavy, The Body Shop offers a wide selection of fast absorbing and deliciously scented options.
  2. Grape Seed Oil, $15. This Cuccio grape seed oil is supposed to be a hand anti-oxidant but I have used it all over and it is amazing. The smell is gentle and gives the skin a boost. It can also help with ingrown hairs.
  3. Lubriderm, $13. Yes, this is a drugstore product and yes I cannot live without it. This is the best lotion I have ever used, it even keeps my feet smooth!
  4. Argan Oil, $15. You can read about my love for Argan oil here.
  5. Fleur Chérie Body Lotion$30. This is my favorite lotion from L’occitane. They have great variety and it depends on preference, but I love this one because it has a soft and floral smell and is light as air.

*Prices May Vary

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