Weekend in Dubai

Weekend in Dubai Date Guide

Living in Dubai has countless of perks: everlasting sunny days, crisp blue beaches and delicious food from around the world to name a few. When the weekend in Dubai (finally) rolls in, the possibilities are endless.

One important thing I learned from Communications in Close Relationships at Michigan State University was that novelty and adventure strengthen emotions and bonds in loving relationships. Couples who do new and exciting things together intensify their feelings for each other. So here’s a list of non-typical date ideas for couples in Dubai. Some of these suggestions could work no matter where you live.

  1. Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre offers an Expressive Painting class that is great for de-stressing and is a fun bonding experience.
  2. During the cooler months of the year Wafi Mall schedules Movies under the stars once a week. It’s a welcome change from a closed theatre.
  3. Brunch truly is the best meal, so change it up and have your date during the day. You can try the most delicious Eggs Benedict at Maison Bagatelle in Downtown.
  4. Speaking of Downtown, the 8 Boulevard Walk turns into a twinkly light haven at night, perfect for a romantic stroll. If you get hungry during your walk feel free to choose from the line-up of tasty restaurants with charming outdoor seating.
  5. Take a romantic boat ride around the enchanting Madinat Jumeirah. A Venetian Gondola has nothing on this Abra Tour.
  6. Wishing there was snow? Just me? Chillout Bar at the Times Square Centre is perfect for your fix of low temperatures, icy surroundings and warm drinks.
  7. Not recommended for the faint of heart, this Hot Air Balloon ride sweeps you off your feet and whisks you to the beautiful part of the desert where you’ll be surrounded by fiery caramel sand dunes.
  8. Couples who cook together, stay together. Nobody actually said that and I don’t think it’s been proven yet, but this is sweet and simple. Fill the house with loud music and spend an hour or two in the kitchen making a love infused meal.

I hope you try one of these tips on your next weekend in Dubai.

xo Rania

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