Challenge of the Month: Water, Water, Water.


As much as I’m aware of how important water is for my health, I don’t drink nearly enough. It takes focus and dedication to monitor your daily water intake so that’s exactly what I need. I’m challenging myself to drink 2 Liters per day. I’m going to work my way up slowly and look for interesting and delicious ways to motivate myself to keep drinking. By the end of March I’ll report back here with any improvements in my energy levels, complexion and all around health. Will you join me? Sound off below.

4 thoughts on “Challenge of the Month: Water, Water, Water.”

  1. I wish I can stick to that 2L day volume. It is extremely difficult though. I know of someone who puts lemon slices in her water and apparently she started drinking so much water just because of that. Maybe I should try doing that.

    1. It is really hard, I have to consciously remind myself to drink constantly. Also try adding strawberries or fruits you like. By the end of my challenge I’ll post helpful ideas I find along the way!

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