I Hear Wedding Bells


As the spring season prances in, we get to enjoy balmy mornings filled with sunshine and breezy evenings under the stars. Spring also means one more thing, wedding season is fast approaching! In honor of this magical time, I’d like to offer a few tips for all the brides-to-be which really helped me out with my wedding preparations.

1. Planning – Whether you’re in the middle of planning or doing your last minute wrap-up, lists are very important. Yes it’s tedious to write down every wedding inspiration or idea that passes through your mind, but it will keep all your thoughts organized. You may want a particular table set-up and have to ask the venue if it’s pragmatic, or you might like the lighting dimmed during the First Dance and need to tell the lighting engineer.  Make a generic list to begin with and you can alter it as you go, because you will in-fact change your mind a few times.

2. Be specific – Whether choosing a song list, table linens or flower arrangements make sure to specify exactly what you want. If there are particular poses you want to take, ask your photographer in advance. Tell your hair stylist and makeup artist what you like and don’t like during the trial run. I’m not saying you should micromanage every aspect but if something is a must to you, then emphasize it and reiterate if you have to.

3. Keep an open mind – Many of us have very elaborate themes in mind, but they may not always be feasible. Flowers are seasonal, so your favorite flower may not be available during the time you’re getting married. Venues have different restrictions and capabilities and may not be able to accommodate every request. There are so many beautiful and unique ideas out there and if one is not entirely possible, you can find thousands of new inspirations and change it around a little. If your vendors give you suggestions take them into consideration. Whether it’s your florist, photographer or band/DJ, their previous experience gives them good insight.

4. Forget your worries – The most important piece of advice I could give any bride or groom is: Don’t stress out. I could probably be voted one of the most laid-back brides that ever existed, but that is only because I made a conscious decision to enjoy the planning process. Although there were some hectic days and some moments of anxiety now and then, I really didn’t want to lose any sleep over small details.  As your wedding day approaches you will start to feel the strain of juggling many things at once, which is why it’s important to take some time to do something for yourself. Go to the spa, take a yoga class or just spend a relaxing day on the beach (make sure to use SPF!).

5. There’s no such thing as perfect – I wish I didn’t have to be the one to break it to you but not everything at the wedding will be exactly as you intended. When you’re coordinating with so many different people, it’s possible that certain details will get lost in the process. As much as you want to, don’t fret over this. Your wedding day is about celebrating the love between you and your groom and your much-anticipated future together. You worked hard to put together an exquisite wedding, so enjoy it!

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