Today wraps up another fulfilling year of my life. I remember the days when Birthdays and New Year’s Eve were all about where to celebrate and what to wear, but in the past couple of years they’ve become a little more poignant for me. That may sound a bit dramatic since I’m still in my 20’s, it’s true nonetheless.

This particular birthday is quite significant for me. Those close to me know that I’ve spent the past year and a half striving for my dreams to no avail. I was almost ready to quit scouring for the opportunity to present itself and just settle for the jobs available to me. I started my website The Blush Diaries to keep myself connected to the things I love, and be able to keep a piece of my passion a part of me. This blog unexpectedly became the most exhilarating project I’d ever worked on. I became enraptured with it, and because of the support of my wonderful husband, family and friends I decided to crush my fears and turn this hobby into a full-time job. I’ve learned that with God’s grace, hard work and faith in yourself anything is possible.

As much as I am enjoying blogging at the moment, I have a lot of other goals to achieve and I am actively working towards them. There are many exciting projects I have planned for the future and I really hope you will be there throughout my entire journey.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty o f their dreams.”~Eleanor Roosevelt

4 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. way beyond proud of u gorgeous and im sue all ur dreams will come true :*:* wishing you the happiest birthday in the world

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