Water Water Water.. Part 2

It’s been three weeks since I started my water challenge and it’s been harder than I anticipated. I was able to drink up to 2 liters a day, but I couldn’t maintain it every single day. Drinking more water has been great for my skin as I’ve had no breakouts this month. It’s become the norm for me to drink at least 1.5 liters a day and I crave the water if I don’t. I’ve also noticed improvement in bloating and indigestion.

Now here are some techniques that helped me get to my goal, and ones that didn’t.

1. Drink 2 glasses first thing in the morning.Morning2. Keep a glass of water nearby while you work, and keep refilling it. Put an alarm to remind yourself to finish that glass.Alarm

3. Drink a full glass before you have lunch and another while you’re eating.Lunch

4. I tried adding fresh mint or fruits, and although it was refreshing it was tedious and I only bothered to do it once a day. I don’t recommend drinking too much lemon water because it’s pretty acidic and can be harmful to your teeth. Mason Jars

5. Drink 2 glasses of water a couple of hours before bed. It’s better not to drink a lot of liquids right before you sleep.Zzzz

Good Luck! Xo