Frank Cacao Coffee Scrub

Frank's Body Cacao

I’m a huge advocate of exfoliation and I’ve talked about my favorite body scrub methods in my Scrub and Polish series. Naturally when I heard about Frank body scrubs and all the raving reviews I had to try it for myself. I chose the Cacao scrub because it’s supposed to be extra hydrating and as its name indicates has a delicious scent. The coffee scrub is gentle but very effective and gets rid of dead skin, flaking and bumps. Since it’s also packed with natural oils extracted from almonds and macadamia it leaves the skin super smooth.

Although I really liked using it, the truth is I wouldn’t purchase this scrub again. I was excited to try Frank Body after seeing an account on Instagram called Frank’s Little Black Book that shows amazing before and after photos of scars, stretch marks and other skin conditions that were drastically improved by this scrub. When I tried it on my old stretch marks they got a little red and irritated so I was too afraid to scrub them again. It did work great on my arms and legs but it left an oily residue after which I don’t like. There’s no doubt that it’s a great scrub but for my usage it’s just not worth the mess.

lI hope this helps, and if you’ve tried one of their scrubs I’d love to hear about your experience with it! Xo


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