All I can say is.. Yes

YESIt’s been a year of blogging for me, and I just wanted to take a (long) moment and reflect back on this time. If you’ve been following along from the beginning, you already know that I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself and as an artistic writing portfolio on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The truth is, it wasn’t my dream to become a blogger because I didn’t even know much about blogs a couple years back. I’d always wanted a career that was not desk related and involved a lot of creativity. I was in search of that something for so long and worked really hard to find it, and it was so worth the wait.

The Blush Diaries isn’t only a website about the latest trends and all the beautiful things we want in our life, it’s also about being inspired to love yourself, challenge yourself and explore all the things that could make you happy. There have been so many ups and down for me in this journey, and there are days where I feel down and almost ready to give up. Although it’s difficult to chase a dream and pour your heart and soul into it, it has been the most rewarding adventure I’ve ever taken on. Since we’re at the beginning of a new year with a blank slate, I hope you find the courage to go after all the things you dream of, let go of all the negative people and thoughts in your life and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like what you do is less important or meaningless. After all, we have this one life with no do-over so might as well live it in a way that makes us truly happy.

This beautiful necklace (which says yes in arabic) is designed by Vitrine Designs, and is the perfect reminder that anything is possible with love and hard work. This would make a great gift for any of the beauties in your life who need some encouragement and would love to know that you’re behind them and believe in their dreams.


All you need is laughter, faith and a little bit of pixie dust. ~Tinker Bell

Peplum Hem

Green Peplum Hem

It’s back to sunny skies and warmer weather for me, and although I miss the snow you won’t hear me complaining. I’ve been wanting to try the peplum hem look for a while now and this dress was perfect for that. At first I was worried that a dropped waist might be unflattering but it turned out to be very cute. This style accentuates the waist and adds a hint of flirtation at the bottom, and because its not too tight around the hips it will look beautiful on pretty much any body type. I garnished the look with this silver pumps as a change for my usual gold tones, and I am in love with them! This dress is almost completely sold out but I’ve linked a few similar ones below. Let me know what you think! Xo

Green Peplum Hem Dress Greendress3 Greendress4 Greendress5 UpcloseDress: Asos | Shoes: New Look | Necklace Old, similar below. 

Mac Snob Dupe

Photo Jan 21, 3 12 51 PM

Have you ever chosen a beautiful shade of lipstick and gone home so excited to wear it non-stop for the next few days, only to find out you have about 10 of the same ones already? Well that’s what just happened to me – ok, maybe not 10 other lipsticks but 1 that is pretty identical. While I was at the airport heading back from Michigan and drying my tears, I thought I’d cheer myself up with a MAC lipstick. I chose Snob and was so in love with it I kept applying it during my trip. When I got home I realized that Revlon’s Pink Pout is almost exactly the same. Snob has more bluish undertones and is better lasting, but Pink Pout is a little bit more creamy and applies really nicely. Next time you want to pick up Snob from the MAC counter I suggest trying Pink Pout first and seeing if it’s a suitable alternative for you! Xo

Photo Jan 21, 3 14 50 PMTop: MAC Snob | Bottom: Revlon Pink Pout

Plaid on Pleather


I’m pretty careful with plaid and don’t wear it often but certain color combos are so beautiful, so when I saw this scarf I thought it’s the perfect blanket scarf to add a pop of color to a winter look. A pleather circle skirt is a winter staple in my opinion and is a really flattering piece to wear, so I paired it with a chambray shirt and a statement necklace for a altogether girly look. If you’re experiencing super cold climates at the moment I highly recommend these fleece-lined tights (linked below) they have been a godsend to me! Xo


Vanilla Frosting Recipe

Photo Dec 29, 1 08 44 PMMy friend and I baked our first batch of sugar cookies over Christmas break which was so much fun. The cookies turned out super cute and the frosting turned out so sweet and delicious that I just had to share it with you all. I hope you try it and enjoy it! xo

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar
    • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
    • 2 tablespoons milk
    • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • Directions:
    • In a bowl, combine the sugar, butter, milk and vanilla. Beat them on medium speed until smooth and fluffy. Eat with a tablespoon – just kidding, sort of. Yields: 1 cup.

Photo Dec 29

Faux Fur


Hello beauties! I hope you’re having a fabulous start to the year. I’ve been spending lots of time with family and friends here in Michigan before I head back to Dubai next week. Leaving is always so bitter-sweet but I’m glad I got to soak up a few snowy days and experience a true winter, no matter how brutal. I usually migrate towards soft and feminine looks, but I love a sexy winter outfit with everything from pleather to (faux) fur and bold prints. This outfit may seem warm and toasty but in fact it’s not heavy enough for the temperatures we’re experiencing at the moment. I hope you liked this look and expect to see me trying out new styles this year! Xo

Fur Fur5 Fur3 Fur2 Photo Jan 08, 12 17 56 PM