Maison BagatelleOn my 28th birthday, I am ready to be a year older. I remember some days of fear, trepidation and utter confusion throughout my life. But I also recall a lot of love, moments of genuine happiness and truth. There were times when I couldn’t wait to be older and others where I wished I could turn back time or at least will it to stay still. I can finally say that I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, not just because my life is filled with extraordinary people but also with profound experiences. I am ready to learn new things, to be better in every aspect of my life and to accept all challenges with grace and courage.

The sweet and talented Ruta of The Black Book Dubai has featured me on her blog today to discuss everything from fashion to blogging, follow the link to check it out! Rendezvous with Rania

With all my love,

Rania Xo

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Maison BagatelleMaison Bagatelle 2



My birthday is in a couple of days and so my honey and I decided to take a short getaway on the beach. As I plan our little trip and pack my things, I thought I’d share some getaway must haves with you all. From fun and bright tassel bracelets to comfy statement wedges, these pieces combine comfort and chic all at once. I’ll be sharing all the details of our staycation on instagram so make sure you follow along! Xo

Blush and Blue

Nothing beats a good pair of jeans and there’s no two ways about it. We each have unique bodies and it’s important to find that pair that fits you beautifully and is also comfortable. I tried squeezing into many coveted styles and brands until I realized how good it feels to just wear the ones that fits just right. I’ve been searching for white jeans for Spring/Summer and I had to pair it with pasted shades of blush and blue. This outfit is casual chic and if you’d like to wear it to work just replace the jeans with a pair of chic cigarette pants!

xo Rania
Blush and Blue Blush Scarf, White Ripped Jeans Blush and Blue Blush and Blue Blush Scarf, Blue button down, White jeans Blush Scarf, Blue button down, white jeansShirt: Sacoor Brothers / Jeans: Forever21 / Bag: Kate Spade / Scarf: H&M.


Kate Spade Friends and Family Sale

April is my favorite month of the year – the weather is beautiful, I get to wear as much pink as I like and I celebrate my birthday! With mother’s day coming up, wedding season and general spring/summer fever it’s the perfect time to shop for gifts and new goodies for yourself. Kate Spade has some of the most beautiful things in store right now, just use the code DEAREST at checkout for 25% off. I’ve rounded up my top picks for you, happy shopping loves! Xo

10 Things I Learned

Wisdom, Bedding, LC Lauren Conrad throw

Each stage in our lives teaches us new things and we emerge wiser and hopefully stronger too. It’s my 28th birthday later this month so I’ve decided to reflect here with you: 10 things I’ve learned in my 20’s (so far).

  1. What people think of you is none of your business. You’ll meet thousands of people in your lifetime; some will love you while others will judge you and then there will be those amazing few that will be by your side for the long haul. Don’t waste time worrying about how each individual feels about you and just stay true to yourself, those who matter will stick around.
  1. Your dreams and passions do matter. Not everyone will understand how or why your dreams are so important to you, but don’t be swayed by this. There’s a right place and time to do what you love, and usually it’s right now.
  1. Rest and hustle go hand-in-hand. Work long and hard, always be prepared and pay your dues, but don’t ever feel guilty for taking time for yourself and enjoying life. You’ll come back renewed, refreshed and more productive than ever.
  1. ‘Have courage, and be kind’ – Cinderella. Let kindness be your legacy and let it guide you in life. On the other hand, don’t let anyone take advantage of you and have the courage to stand up for yourself.
  1. Travel does the heart good. Nothing you could ever buy will be as satisfying as exploring a new city. Save when you can, travel often and feed your curiosity and sense of adventure.
  1. Take what you need from each day and be done with all the rest: Being hung up on negative moments and experiences is inefficient, so just learn from what happened and put it behind you. Tomorrow is a new day so make it the best one ever.
  1. We are entitled to nothing: Your goals won’t come to you, so you need to go out there and earn them with hard work, focus and integrity. Don’t wait for something to happen, instead figure out how you can achieve it yourself (and with the help of those around you).
  1. Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. Yep I’m quoting Shakespeare. There’s not much else to add, live by this and see how positivity will surround you.
  1. Comparison is the thief of joy. My mother always used to say: ‘We each have our own journey and our own troubles.’ Your worries aren’t too small and neither are your achievements. You don’t know what other people’s paths are about and what it took to get there, so focus on your on growth and the beauty of your story.
  1. Always be grateful. On the darkest of days and most difficult moments, count your blessings and all the wonderful things you have to look forward to.

I wish you love, happiness and all the success in the world! Xo

Blossoming Midi Skirt

Floral Midi SkirtLast spring I wrote about cleaning out your closet, getting rid of the things you don’t really wear and utilizing what you have. I’ve been sticking to that guide I made since last year and I’m really happy with my wardrobe! I love all of the pieces I have and make it a point to style them differently each time. The thing about fashion is a lot of trends go out of style from year to year and there’s always something new and exciting to try. This is why you should try to get as much wear out of each piece as you can and enjoy it while it lasts. I shopped my own closet for this look, and although I’ve had this beautiful skirt for years now it’s still one of my favorites. For a more edgy/night-time look, I like to wear this skirt with a black top, strappy sandals and a thin gold belt. Will you try my spring cleaning challenge this month? Xo

Chambray Florals Chambray
Midi Skirt Floral Midi Skirt

Back to Basics

Missguided Coat, Leopard Heels, Micheal Kors SunglassesIt’s been a little over a week since I officially became a shop owner and it has been wonderful! I was a little overwhelmed and I’m still learning new things everyday, but I’m so happy to get back into the groove of blogging. I love a good investment piece that can be worn a million different ways, and this coat definitely falls in that category. When it comes to clothes I like a variety of textures, colors and styles. With that said, I like my accessories to be more Passe-Partout as they say, which roughly means ‘goes with everything’. I don’t hoard nearly as much shoes and bags as I do clothes and it’s mainly because I love to make the most out of them, which is why I’m very careful with my choices. I think the perfect accent piece should be simple, beautiful and somewhat practical. Although they’re hard to find, I fall in love with them each time. What are your favorite investment pieces? Xo

Arabic Calligraphy Ring Black and Camel Black Clutch Black Tie Belt Camel and Black Camel Coat Camel Vest Camel-Black Coat and Belt Gold Accents Leopard HeelsCoat: Missguided(sold out), similar here // Jeans: Bershka(old), I love these here // Bag: Calvin Klein // Heels: BCBG MAXAZRIA // Sunglasses: Michael Kors // Belt: Similar here and here.