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Afternoon Tea Dubai

A while back, my girl Rhiannon of Bride Club ME and I decided to collaborate on a project again and we put together this fun Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Dubai.  There’s so much to do in this city and that could be quite overwhelming, but I love the idea of celebrating a birthday, bridal shower or just some bonding time doing something simple yet out of the ordinary.

Afternoon Tea Dubai Afternoon Tea Dubai














We started our morning getting pampered at Be Bar Blow Dry Bar in Jumeirah. The space is clean, relaxing and filled with light just how I like. The stylists are extremely skilled and professional, knowing exactly what suits us best. We decided to go for a 50’s pin up look for our hair and makeup, but with each of staying true to our personal style. Our makeup was done by Hayley Di Rito, who looks like an actual living pin up doll. I’m normally not adventurous in the hair and makeup department and I like to stick to my usual look, but the results turned out romantic and elegant so I will be trying new things more from now on.

Pin up styleAfternoon TeaThe whole experience was so relaxing and smooth. We were spoiled with sparkling juice, popcorn, gummy bears and warm cappuccinos while getting our hair done. I noticed that all the stylists have the same technique so you’d always get the desired results.

Afternoon Tea Dubai Be Bar Salon Dubai

50s pin up Bride Club ME Vintage Waves









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Our next stop was to the Hamptons Cafe next door, which is a quaint place with all the rustic, beach-side New York elements that go along with it’s name perfectly. We shared a lovely deluxe tea for two complete with warm scones that crumble, sweet yet gooey macarons, soothing jasmine tea and most importantly the perfect company for such a day. We caught the golden light just before sunset on their rooftop seating area which gave the photos a warm and authentic feel.

Hamptons Cafe Dubai Afternoon Tea Dubai Hamptons Cafe Afternoon Deluxe Tea Hamptons Cafe



We really enjoyed our day together and all the amazing ladies who worked with us to create this special Afternoon Tea Dubai. If you’re looking for a new salon to try out then I highly recommend you get a blow out at Be Bar and try it out for yourself, and then head over to Hamptons cafe for brunch because they have exceptionally good food and coffee. Like I said before, sometimes it’s best to seek out all the out of the ordinary places that are filled with all the right little touches.

xo Rania



Dubai Fashion Blogger Afternoon Tea Dubai














Photography: Nabeela Huda

Makeup: Hayley Di Rito

Special Thanks to Be Bar Blow Dry Bar and Hamptons Cafe Dubai for their hospitality.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful place! Made me feel giddy to visit Dubai. Hoping I could visit that place someday, maybe after three months? I’m excited!

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