Argan Oil Hair and Skin Essentials

It is no surprise that Moroccan women have velvety skin, since they take extra measures to keep it beautiful. They also have access to a very potent natural ingredient, Argan oil. After hearing so many wonderful things about Argan Oil, I went on a complete frenzy. Of all the products I tried, these 3 were my absolute favorite.

1. Garnier’s Ultra Doux Argan Oil hair mask: When I got engaged, I grew my hair out for my wedding and it has been long ever since. Long hair is beautiful, but it requires extra care because it is more prone to hair fall and dryness. This hair mask leaves my hair smooth and supple(plus: it smells amazing!). I tried the shampoo and conditioner from this line, and they didn’t give me as good a result as the mask.

2. Larenim Pure Argan Oil: It doesn’t matter which brand you use as long as it is certified as 100% organic. The most thing I love about this oil is it barely has a scent. It is a little greasy when you first apply it, but your skin will absorb it really quickly and stay moisturized in dry climates. I haven’t tried this on my face, but I like to apply it to my arms, thighs and around my eyes too.

3. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush: This is one of the best products I have tried from Lush, It smells like rose jam and lasts for hours. Like the name suggests, it locks in moisture and leaves the skin feeling like silk. This body conditioner is infused with so many wonderful ingredients such as Glycerin, Almond oil, Shea Butter and more.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

I absolutely love giving gifts, to pick out something unique and thoughtful that says: I know you so well. Of course, it is easier picking out gifts for the lovely ladies in our life than it is to find something for our special man. These ideas below are a great guideline when shopping for a gift this Valentine’s day. Whether it is the noise cancelling headset, a cozy robe or a monogrammed money clip I am sure he will love it. Here are my top picks for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him:

  1. Beats Pill by Dr. Dre. $200
  2. Men’s Robe.$75
  3. Guess Diamond Accent Watch. $100
  4. Mophie Juicepack iPhone case. $75
  5. Michael Kors Woven Silk Tie. $55
  6. Monogrammed money clip, Things Remembered. $25
  7. Noise Cancelling Bose Headset. $300

*Prices May Vary

Girly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Picking out gifts can be a little challenging if you do not have a wish list to refer to, so here is mine – just kidding. For the guys who have not picked out a Valentine’s day gift ideas for their sweethearts yet, here is a list I put together of some darling gift ideas.

  1. Victoria’s Secret makeup bag trio. $30
  2. Tiffany’s & Co. Arrow pendant. $175
  3. Miss Dior Chérie, Eau De Parfum. $125
  4. Fleur Chérie Shower Gel and Body Lotion. $60
  5. Kate Spade Kirk Park Little Shiloh. $98
  6. Bodum Eileen French Press in Gold. $59.95
  7. Ladurée Macaroons. $50
  8. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush. $30

*Prices May Vary

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

There has been a juicing craze in the past couple of years, but I am not big on drinking juice and never got on that bandwagon. I don’t eat quite enough fruits and so I wanted a delicious recipe for a smoothie that I would really enjoy drinking often. My sister-in-law is a nutritionist and after discussing it with her, she explained that although juicing helps you acquire your recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, you lose the fiber and some of the nutrients. She advised me to stick to smoothies instead (not as a meal replacement, of course).  I usually like to add fruits to plain yogurt or cereal for breakfast, and that’s how I got the idea for this smoothie.

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie:

  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • 1/3 Avocado (about 4 medium-size slices)
  • A handful of Ice

Serving Size: 2

Prep time: 5 minutes 

For those who do not like the taste of almond milk, you can replace it with regular or soy milk, but you will need to add honey for sweetness. If you prefer your smoothie a bit chunky, then don’t mix it in the blender for too long and you can even eat it with a spoon. This recipe yields a big portion so make sure to share!

I hope you enjoy my strawberry blueberry smoothie, and I would love to hear your feedback or any alternative variations you come up with.

xo Rania


Stepping Up

Intro photo

I am overjoyed to launch my website again. I started this website to strengthen my creative writing and as an outlet for my thoughts. Writing requires inspiration and serious dedication, and over the past few months I got a huge surge of both from some of my favorite bloggers. My biggest inspiration came from the tremendous encouragement I received from my family and friends. My website is going to be about the many things that spark my interest. I am starting fresh and as I am stumbling around making this a website you would all love to visit, be sure that I appreciate all of your support!

La Petite Robe Noire Takes a Carousel Ride

When you live somewhere as luxurious and vivacious as Dubai, it comes as no surprise to see a promotional event on random days of the week. Last Wednesday, I was walking around Mall of the Emirates, when I came across a beautiful podium for Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire.

What first caught my eye was the mannequin-like models dressed in- yep, you guessed it- little black dresses; from afar I couldn’t tell if they were figurines or actual models. On display were Guerlain’s many products from fragrances to makeup, with makeup artists available to help sample the products and give makeovers to customers. Propped on a Carousel at the center of  the podium was none other than the pretty little bottles of La Petite Robe Noire.

This Parisian gem was originally released in 2009 and re-launched in 2012, with a modified bespoke drawing of the dress. I use a variety of different perfumes, ranging from floral to musky and the occasional candy-sweet scent. I adore Guerlain products in general and although this particular scent is not my style, it has a musky sweetness and lasted on my skin for a long time when I sampled it. Have you tried this fragrance and what did you think of it?

xo Rania

La Petite Robe Noire