Ribbed Midi Dress

I can’t believe it’s October already! It was just yesterday I was enjoying my first Pumpkin Spice Latte over Christmas break. I know it sounds so typical but I absolutely love this time of year. Growing up in Abu Dhabi I didn’t get to experience the seasons, so my first year living in Michigan was pretty magical. Autumn leaves all over campus, my first ever snow flake on Thanksgiving and hot cocoa and Christmas jingles at the mall were all new to me. Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself now, but I really like to enjoy all the little things.

It’s still super warm and humid over here, so I can’t pack on the layers yet but you better believe I will on the blog hah. I’ve always been afraid of a ribbed midi dress for obvious reasons, but thank God for spanx! This dress is an amazing layering piece and can even be worn on it’s own causally as well, I’m looking forward to styling it a bunch of different ways this fall.

xo Rania Fall Neutrals

Boohoo Drape Coat

Dailychic stuck in the midi with you

Fall NeutralsRibbed Midi Dress: Daily Chic, similar from Urban Outfitters | Coat: Boohoo | Pumps: Aldo, similar from Inc. | Clutch: Similar here.

Photos by: Mrunmayi Pandit.

My 707AVE Interview

I’m very excited to announce my feature on the recently launched 707AVE. From fashion to lifestyle 707AVE will quickly become your online go-to publication for inspiration. Check out my interview where I discuss my beauty routine, blogging and my vision for the future of The Blush Diaries. Here’s a little snippet for you:

What inspired you to start blogging?
I always wanted a career that involved high levels of creativity and a lot of energy. I didn’t really feel fulfilled in my corporate job and decided to switch over to something that excites me: fashion. While searching for a job in the fashion industry, I started blogging and loved it. In March 2014, I finally decided to forge my own path and turn The Blush Diaries into a business.

Head over to 707AVE to read the full interview. Thank you for your continuous love, encouragement and support. It’s been a hell of a ride so far and I couldn’t have done it without you all!

xo Rania

My Blogging Journey on 707AVE

Fraiche Cafe and Bistro

Fraiche Cafe and BistroWhen you’ve lived in one place for a long time, there’s a chance the grass starts to seem greener anywhere else. Between my love for travel and the constant search for the feeling of novelty, I forgot to live in the now. I’ve decided to start this series about My Dubai, so that I can explore all the amazing places in my city and share my experiences with you. Continue reading Fraiche Cafe and Bistro

Off-shoulder Pink Dress

Chicwish, Pink, FrillsLately I’ve been thinking a lot about individuality. There’s so many wonderful bloggers out there and lots of beautiful clothes, so it’s tempting to experiment with different styles. As girly and whimsy as I am, sometimes I’m into monochrome, edgy or even boho looks. I do feel my best when I’m wearing something like this beautiful off-shoulder pink dress because it fits with my overall spirit, but occasionally the mood-of-the-day changes and I’ll surprise you or even myself. What do you think, is it fun to change it up or is it better to stick to what you know?

xo Rania

Off-shoulder Pink Dress Off-shoulder Pink Dresss Druzy RingsDress: Chicwish | Hat: H&M | Flats: Aldo old, love these by Sam Edelman | Rings: Vitrine Designs

Life Lately

Sauce on the Sea Donut FloatI finally took my Donut Float out for a spin, and now I have my eye on a few other cute pool accessories.

Jewelry, Charity, Mint, TranscendAdriana, the founder of Little Words Project reached out to me about her lovely business and their positive message. I chose Transcend as my word of the moment because it encompasses many things. I hope that it will be a daily reminder to be fearless and overcome all challenges and obstacles.  I would also like to surpass my own expectations of myself, and let love and kindness be my guiding lights. Once I’ve taken all the strength I need from this bracelet, I would pass it on to someone who needs it more. These ‘sisterhood’ bracelets come with a numbered tag so you would be able to track their journey after you’ve given it to someone else!

How to be ParisianAnyone interested in starting a book club with me? I always start a book and don’t end up finishing it. Ocassionally I’ll start a book that I get super obsessed with and can’t put down. How To Be Parisian has been cute so far, hopefully I’ll get through it all.

PeoniesI found these beautiful peonies while grocery shopping today and couldn’t believe they’re available in Dubai during the summer! I love keeping flowers around the house and can totally guarantee you’ll be in a better mood if you do the same.

Pink SummerThere’s no end to my love of pink and a cute hat, and so many of you loved this outfit I thought I’d link for you the items that are still available or similar options. Xo


Maison BagatelleOn my 28th birthday, I am ready to be a year older. I remember some days of fear, trepidation and utter confusion throughout my life. But I also recall a lot of love, moments of genuine happiness and truth. There were times when I couldn’t wait to be older and others where I wished I could turn back time or at least will it to stay still. I can finally say that I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, not just because my life is filled with extraordinary people but also with profound experiences. I am ready to learn new things, to be better in every aspect of my life and to accept all challenges with grace and courage.

The sweet and talented Ruta of The Black Book Dubai has featured me on her blog today to discuss everything from fashion to blogging, follow the link to check it out! Rendezvous with Rania

With all my love,

Rania Xo

*A Special Thanks to Maison Bagatelle for sharing their beautiful space for this photoshoot.

Maison BagatelleMaison Bagatelle 2

The Blush Shop

The Blush ShopOur shop is finally live! I’ve handpicked each individual item because of all the love and hard work that goes into creating them. It was especially exciting to collaborate with Hawwa and design our ‘Put A Spell On Me’ t-shirt together. I will be continuously working on designing and collaborating with some of my favorites, so there will be more items added to the shop. I hope you enjoy our gallery and happy shopping!

SaharniTulle Skirt, Space46 BoutiqueTee: The Blush Shop | Skirt: Space46 Boutique | Shoes: Custom Made, similar here and here. Photos by Sand in the City Dubai.

Rose Gold


I found this gold skirt in my closet during a mini spring cleaning and was so excited to create an outfit with it. Sometimes you find a beautiful piece that can stay with you for years and will always be in style, to me this is one of them. I had to take my pink coat out for one last spin because it’s basically summer weather in Dubai and I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear it again. I’ve linked similar items to what I’m wearing below, the coat is the exact same one and is on sale! Xo

Photo Credit: Sand in The City


New York, New York..

Top of The Rock

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling the past couple of years and in all honesty New York is my favorite city so far. I mean Greece was a dream, Paris was magical and Turkey was stunning, but NYC has a unique character and feel to it that gets me every time. I thought I’d share with you my top things to do in New York, and while you may have heard of or been to some of these places before, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing it through my eyes and want to visit the city my way.

  1.  Brunch and the City: New York is notable for delicious weekend brunches topped with yummy egg concoctions, a Bloody Mary and bottomless Mimosas. I highly recommend Cafe Mogador in the quaint and charming East Village or The Cupping Room Cafe in Soho.
  2. Ferry-go-around: We didn’t have a chance to visit Lady Liberty, but we did see her on the ferry ride to Staten Island to visit family and let me tell you, the ride turned out to be beautiful with a magnificent view.
  3. Serendipity 3: Yes I am quite the sap and I do love a good chick flick, but this place is worth your while even if you aren’t the type to burst into tears while watching Rumor Has It, and my husband can attest to that. They have the most scrumptious frozen hot chocolate (yes you read that correctly) and the cutest retro diner decor. <Tip: there isn’t a long wait time if you go at night, and frozen hot chocolate is appropriate at any time of the day!>
  4. Across the bridge: While Manhattan is overflowing with great places to see, Brooklyn has it’s own appeal. Visit the botanic gardens, eat sizzling pizza and get a fab view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. Don’t miss the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory either, though you might have to wait in line for over 30 minutes.
  5. Central Park: This is an obvious one, but I suggest taking half a day for this gem. I personally think the horse and carriage ride is completely worth it and don’t miss out on a lovely lunch at The Loeb Boathouse (make sure to make your reservations far in advance).
  6. Cosmo Tai: If you’re on the go and don’t want to waste time styling your hair, head to the Dry Bar for a voluminous sexyblow out that can withstand even the muggiest New York nights.