Pillow Talk

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I genuinely love my sleep time and anything less than 8 hours makes me pretty cranky. Unfortunately, I have a lot of troubling falling asleep and I usually wake up numerous times during the night. Getting a good night’s rest is so important for our health, energy levels and general productivity so I’ve been making an active effort to tackle this problem.

  1. The right pillow: We each sleep in different positions and have our own comfort levels so make sure you invest in a pillow that works for you. I like them fluffy but not too soft and I usually change mine once a year because they get flat with use and washing.
  2. Temperature: My husband is like a hot furnace and likes the AC on maximum, while I shiver in temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. A warm blanket and cozy pajamas are a constant for me all year round and really make a difference in my sleep comfort. So make sure you’re not too cold or too hot during the night because it can disrupt your rest.
  3. Switch off: I’m no doctor or scientist but I don’t need to be to tell you that loud noise and bright lights, especially from your phone/laptop/TV are over stimulating and keep you from falling asleep right away. Give yourself a good 20 minutes to unwind in bed with no tech interruption.
  4. Diet: I always avoid caffeine in the evening but I’ve noticed that even eating sugary foods can give me more energy than I need before bed. Don’t go to bed hungry nor with a full stomach. Finally, if you don’t want to wake up every 2 hours to hit the bathroom then don’t drink too much water before you sleep.
  5. Indulgence: I was recently sent a complimentary 100% pure satin pillow case from Savvy Sleepers and it’s ultra-smooth and relaxing. It’s supposed to prevent wrinkles which I can’t attest to yet, but it does help you avoid the bedhead look you get throughout the night and keeps your blowout in check. The upside to a satin case over silk is that it is machine washable and extremely durable. I seriously recommend spoiling yourself with one! Use code Blush15 to get 15% off your purchase.

Pillow Talk

Throw: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s | Pillow Case: c/o Savvy Sleepers | Weekends Mug: The Blush Boutique

I hope these tips help you out dolls! Xo